"I had the pleasure of managing Cindy when she came on board to work on a very busy and complex account. We were drowning at the time and desperately needed help to create and post a steady stream of content for our client. Cindy more than delivered, wearing whatever hat was needed, whenever she was needed. Cindy was one part investigative journalist, one part writer, and one part diplomat, navigating the various departments and politics of a large client organization with little need for direction. Very quickly, with her help, we had everything running smoothly - to the point where we were working well ahead of deadlines. A rare treat!"

-Matt Myklusch, VP/Content Strategy & Communications

Civic Entertainment Group

"We couldn’t be happier with your services. Thanks so much ... for so easily fitting into our mix."

-Chris Morgan, Creative Director

DirectToU/Alliance Entertainment


"I have known and worked with Cindy for several years... She is one of the most creative and talented writers I know. When I started my company 10 years ago, I immediately brought her in to write and produce a show with a very well-known musical group. The goal was to work with them closely and help them find a 'voice' on the radio. She did a superb job. I recently brought her in to help me write a series of articles for a major trade magazine, on the topic of 'Innovation & Entrepreneurship.' Once again, she has done an excellent job. What also strikes me about Cindy is her work ethic. She is highly organized, extremely professional in her communication skills, and understands the timeline and mechanisms of the business world. Very unique for a creative person."

Gary Krantz, President,  Krantz Media Group

"When you work with Cindy, you get not only a first-rate writer, but a 100% collaborator on your project and its content, whether it’s for the Internet or television — she’s the first call I make when I’m putting together a team."

Deborah Ely
Executive Producer/Manager of Broadcast & Broadband for MoneyHunt Properties

"Cindy Grogan’s greatest talent is her ability to create a unique ‘voice’ and point of view, while never losing sight of the business concerns of her clients. She is a true professional with a friendly, ‘never quit’ attitude that is priceless in the time-oriented business of publishing."

Chuck O’Malley
Vice President, General Manager
Wellspring Media Direct

"Quite simply, I can’t think of doing my weekend radio show without Cindy Grogan. Her knowledge of music, combined with her keen sense of humor have made her one of the most sought-after writers in the radio industry…and I feel very blessed to have her on our team. On a weekly basis, she provides me everything I need to know, together with inspiring anecdotes and facts–with a smile on her face and always on deadline. She makes my job easy, and makes doing the show a real pleasure."

Dave Koz, Grammy-nominated musician,  The Dave Koz Radio Show

"I’ve worked with Cindy for over ten years. She’s done many different things for us: direct-response catalog copy, radio scripts, sales presentations, programming proposals and marketing materials. In every case, she has grasped the concepts quickly, delivered quality work on time and adhered to our budgets. Just as important, she has worked gracefully with every team she’s encountered. She is a gem."

Al Cattabiani, President, 1409 Entertainment, New York

"… the word ‘professionalism’ consistently comes to mind. A word that… accurately describes your creative disposition and work ethic…It has not gone unnoticed the ease it has been in working with you in order to obtain the copy needs that are required for each project. Your creative ability to capture the perfect tone and mood for the diverse titles that we release, has greatly assisted us in implementing our marketing strategies and sales goals. Your timeliness on projects, responsiveness to comments and creative criticism is second to none and extremely admirable."

Ari H. Kopmar
VP of Sales and Marketing, BFS Entertainment & Multimedia Limited

"Cindy Grogan is a great talent – responsive, reliable, and high quality. She’s been a great resource for us, from event coverage and last-minute help to long-term fill-in work in a variety of formats. We’ve been able to plug her into almost any position, with full faith that she can deliver, with minimal training and transition."

Dave Ankers, VP, Pulse Radio Networks, New York

"Cindy’s way with a script has been integral to the success of Backtrax USA, the award-winning, weekly 80s and 90s music shows. A real pro, she’s helped make them two of the longest-running, most successful programs in radio, and continues to take the shows to new heights."

Kid Kelly, host, Backtrax USA

"Cindy delivers the perfect mix of great product and great fun. She makes you think before you laugh, and that’s what makes her unique."

Miles Spencer, President, Vaux Les Ventures

"Cindy is a brilliant, creative writer who is also an organized and methodical worker bee. She delivers exactly what is needed for the clients' best interests and speaks directly to consumer and business audiences. Give Cindy a shot and see what she can do for you!"

Deborah Gallant, MBA; Coach and Business Consultant

"Cindy is the best writer and is responsive, responsible and professional. Love her work."

Kathy Gilbert, Exec. Producer, Backtrax USA