E-Commerce Copy

Copy for ThingsRemembered.com, a nationally-known gift supplier.

Sample page of catalog copy for The Video Collection.

As the sole copywriter, I helped grow sales of the book from $1M to $8M by the time it was sold.


B2C, B2B Copy

Handled every aspect of copy for a web redesign for this established pre-sort mailing service (including all blog content, ebooks, etc.)

Corporate Mailing Services

Website copy for Independent Broker-Dealer Consortium

Brochure copy for a credit repair service:

Venture Brochure

Web Content

American Towns Media/CT hired me to write hundreds of articles that could be used as hyper-local content for their clients.  This was an especially fun project because it capitalized on both my love of research and of learning lots of random stuff. Here are just a few samples.





Here are samples of some other web articles, written for various entities (PDF files):


11WeddingPhoto Trends_CGrogan


Editorial Management

I currently oversee a staff of 50+ freelance writers and manage a complex editorial calendar for two popular sites, CultureSonar.com (music/entertainment) and NowWithPurpose.com (wellness/lifestyle).

My responsibilities include sourcing story ideas, assigning them, editing/ fact-checking, sourcing appropriate images and media, and working in the back end of WordPress to load posts, monitor comments, etc.

Internal Comms

Recently, I worked with Civic Entertainment Group on a complex project for the Ford Motor Company involving a major internal rebrand. I coordinated outreach to employees worldwide, created content for their company website as well as for an inaugural global company live event. I also scripted a video on a new product and much more. There were constantly shifting goalposts, but I utilized various organizational tools and processes to keep it all on track. [NO SAMPLES; INFORMATION IS CONFIDENTIAL]


"I had the pleasure of managing Cindy when she came on board to work on a very busy and complex account. We were drowning at the time and desperately needed help to create and post a steady stream of content for our client. Cindy more than delivered, wearing whatever hat was needed, whenever she was needed. Cindy was one part investigative journalist, one part writer, and one part diplomat, navigating the various departments and politics of a large client organization with little need for direction. Very quickly, with her help, we had everything running smoothly - to the point where we were working well ahead of deadlines. A rare treat!" -Matt Myklusch, VP/Content Strategy & Communications     Civic Entertainment Group

Documentary/TV Scripting

I researched and wrote the CultureSonar documentary, Woodstock: 3 Days That Changed Everything which aired on hundreds of public television stations nationwide.  Here's the trailer.

Researched/wrote episodes of the TV series "Living Light" focusing on how we're living differently, with a focus on sustainability.

This series is in partnership with NHK/Japan and Maryland Public Television.  Here is one episode.

Broadcast/Long Form

I have years of experience in writing scripts for broadcast properties of all formats.  Backtrax USA was a long-running, award-winning syndicated program, celebrating 80s and 90s hits.  Here's a sample script. (PDF file)


Broadcast/Short Form

AdLarge Media/NY needed a series of short-form spots for the military insurance company, USAA.  Here's a sample script (PDF file).


Another sample script for a short-form feature, a radio companion piece for the public television series, Moneyhunt.  The show was targeted toward entrepreneurs. (PDF file)

CGrogan:MH MIN 00-142

Product Copy

Acorn Media/Washington, DC hired me to create the DVD wrap copy for a series of their products.  This one is for a BBC presentation of Blandings, which had two things to really recommend it:  PG Wodehouse, and the great Jennifer Saunders of Absolutely Fabulous.

Here's another one.

Sell Sheets for BFS Entertainment