Documentary Scripting

I recently researched and wrote the CultureSonar documentary, Woodstock: 3 Days That Changed Everything which aired on hundreds of public television stations nationwide.  It's currently ranked as one of Amazon's "hot sellers."  Here's the trailer:

Editorial Management

I oversee a staff of 50+ freelance writers and a complex editorial calendar for two popular sites, (music/entertainment) and (wellness/lifestyle). My responsibilities include sourcing story ideas, assigning them, editing/ fact-checking, and sourcing appropriate images and media.

Internal Comms

Recently, I worked with Civic Entertainment Group on a complex project for the Ford Motor Company involving a major internal rebrand. I coordinated outreach to employees worldwide, created content for their company website as well as for an inaugural global company live event. I also scripted a video on a new product, and much more. There were constantly shifting goalposts, but I utilized various organizational tools and processes to keep it all on track. [NO SAMPLES; INFORMATION IS CONFIDENTIAL]

Product Copy

Acorn Media/Washington, DC hired me to create the DVD wrap copy for a series of their products.  This one is for a BBC presentation of "Blandings," which had two things to really recommend it:  PG Wodehouse, and the great Jennifer Saunders of "Absolutely Fabulous"  (love!).  [click to enlarge]

Here's another one...[click to enlarge]

Broadcast/Short Form

AdLarge Media/NY needed a series of short-form spots for the military insurance company, USAA.  Here's a sample script (PDF file).


Another sample script for a short-form feature, a radio companion piece for the public television series, Moneyhunt.  The show was targeted towards entrepreneurs. (PDF file)

CGrogan:MH MIN 00-142

Broadcast/Long Form

I have years of experience in writing scripts for broadcast properties.  Backtrax USA is a long-running, award-winning syndicated program, celebrating 80s and 90s hits.  Here's a sample script. (PDF file)


B2C, B2B Copy

Handled every aspect of copy for a web redesign for this established pre-sort mailing service (including all blog content, ebooks, etc.)

Corporate Mail and Data Services

Brochure copy for a credit repair service:

Venture Brochure

Website copy for Independent Broker-Dealer Consortium

Web Content

American Towns Media/CT hired me to write hundreds of articles that could be used as hyper-local content for their clients.  This was an especially fun project, because it capitalized on both my love of research and of learning lots of random stuff (there's a reason I passed the test for "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire" on several occasions).  Here are just a few samples.

Here are samples of some other web articles, written for various entities (PDF files):


11WeddingPhoto Trends_CGrogan


Web copy written for a local specialty insurance agency:

Blog post for local landscaping company:

Planting for Pollinators

Blog posts ghostwritten or edited for the VP/Dev. on the topic of content localization:

Blog Samples

I consider myself an extremely versatile writer; below are some blog posts that demonstrate how I can easily write about different topics.

Why Your Check Engine Light Came On


Nissan's ProPilot Assist Feature


A Ballerina's Big Gamble


Becoming Michael Jackson


Six Lessons from Lifetime Movies


8 Hot Wedding Trends


TV Proposal

A pitch for a health/lifestyle show, hosted by Oz Garcia -- a NYC nutrition expert whose clients include stars like Kim Cattrall and Fisher Stevens.  This was a fun project, because I not only wrote the proposal, but helped develop the concept, and was on-set to quickly adapt the scripting, etc. (PDF file)



Brochure/Newsletter Copy

The first is a weekly newsletter I developed to reach/expand our base of entrepreneurs for the public television show, Moneyhunt.


I wrote this brochure/web copy to promote a new condo development in Miami.


This is copy written for Keeva Skincare, to be used both in a brochure -- and as "free content" for those signing up for our email list.



Product Descriptions/E-Commerce Copy

Sample page of catalog copy for The Video Collection; as sole copywriter, I helped grow sales of the book from $1M to $8M. [click to enlarge]

Sell Sheets for BFS Entertainment