Catalog/E-Commerce, Product Copy

Grab customers from the git-go! I have a ton of experience in writing vibrant, tightly-worded copy that makes the most of every precious bit of catalog "real estate."


-The VideoCollection /Los Angeles

-Acorn Media/Wash. DC

-BFS Entertainment/Los Angeles

Broadcast Copy

From short-form features and commercials to full-length radio and TV programs, I create scripts that impact listeners AND draw in advertising revenue.

-Civic Entertainment Group, LLC

-AdLarge/New York

-Backtrax USA/New York

-The Wall Street Journal/Dow Jones Radio Network/New York

-Pulse Radio Networks/New York

-Broadcast Architecture/Clear Channel/Los Angeles

-XM/Sirius Satellite Radio/New York

-Lime Networks/New York


-Premiere Radio Networks/Los Angeles

-Crystal Media Networks/Washington DC

-United Stations Radio Networks/New York

-Radio Express/Los Angeles

-Looksonic/Los Angeles

Web Content, Copy

Whether you’re creating dynamic web content from scratch, or looking to "repurpose" existing materials into a companion interactive piece(s), I’ve got you covered. I give a new life to content you’ve created for other parts of your business and put together effective blog posts, social media content,  e-mail blasts, newsletters, original content, and much more.


-Civic Entertainment Group, LLC

-Giovatto Advertising/NJ

-American Towns Media/CT


-Vaux Les Ventures/CT

-Moneyhunt Properties/CT

-Trust Cloud/NY

-Journal Square Interactive/NJ

-New Jersey Online/NJ

A Few More Things...

I'm extremely comfortable (and productive) working remotely.

On the technical end of things:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Excel
  • Powerpoint
  • Google Docs
  • CMS/Wordpress
  • Google Analytics
  • Remote work tools:  Asana, Airtable